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There are TWO new files folks, the download sites think I submitted the same file, THIS file is V1.33H the second is V1.33G you can find it at

hahahahahahahahahahahaha smdh!

Yeah I'm sorry bud, the sites that stream those radio stations started tripping with the stream url's and now the ones they have are so long the SCS radio won't read the url's so it's back to these...

Your very welcome driver, and as I was a real CDL truck driver the BS on the CB used to crack me up and keep me woke on those late night hauls, new file gonna drop today, stay tuned!

1 year ago

Who cares, it's ah lag monster piece of crap mod built without permission of Kenworth any damn way, I'll NEVER pay for ANY ATS mods so shut up troll

YOU do the math on the mileage across FOUR states from the far right corner of one state to the far left of the fourth state nut rider if YOU can......phuck this trailer and phuck you too!