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3 weeks ago

This is not worthy of the trouble.

1 month ago

I've been waiting for this map. Thanks Cazz and Buck!

Not cheating when you are SP bro. I like to make the smaller bales for easy maintenance feeding, but it's so time consuming, I don't do it much. So thanks!

3 months ago

Whyeee... not? Stevie's mods are good. And he takes a good amount of time getting them right and error free. I've been using them since FS15. Maybe not really glamorous, but paint options, updated...

3 months ago

Where do I start? Have you tried the handlebars? How about the "Attacher Hat" in the clothing options? Have you tried Alt+F4 Download the Zero-Day patch...

3 months ago

I would say no. Remove the map and start any other save (or start a new save with one of the stock maps). If it still crashes on start up, then it is most likely another mod that you have recently...