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Nobody cares either, it's a free mod. Share it, hide it, cry about it.... I don't care. I'd pay you to stfu if that would work...

2 years ago

It has full custom wear made in substance painter. Use it and you'll see, also there will be an update with rust.

Only 3 links can be added to the mod. Here you have all of em:!iD4mRKQK!DvDH1vrAB2DvrpU3Va-lbDZ8hNbEYytaVb1xF...

You have to unzip the file and place all remaining zips in your folder.

2 years ago

This has been fixed and will be updated with rust and possibly a new flat bed.

@Koshi what does age have to do with the mod?? if you knew the group you would know none of our modders are teenagers. and exactly what do you mean by a unfinshed mod? v1 is finished and works very...