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Update your game at becouse moddesc version is 45

TAUTVIS you are fucking idiot, you reupload my first version of mod, make your owne then upload your mods, stop reuploding mods.

what are thos 2 mods what work with courseplay

nice, nice you can reupload it but not for long, make your owne mods then upload it

1 month ago

Udruzenje nezavisnih modera is author of mod, we make it all, from model to texture to ingame, i have and picture and you can se it on our facebook site, but some reupload it, they change noting at...

maybe will be version without ic, this was with ic version for my dedicated server, i must realise it becouse some asshol who stole it try realise it, so i must do it. I hope i will make new ic ore...