Angeliter Land v1.0.0.4


Welcome to Angelite Land!

- Various log/lua errors fixed
- Purchasable land revised
- AI helper pathfinding significantly revised
- many visual improvements

- Main courtyard can be completely designed by yourself (easyShed hall made sellable. Light poles, decorative objects revised .. Hedge and stones made removable, stones can be lifted away by hand)
- Agricultural import / export write error fixed
- BGA price adjusted
- A lot of cosmetic adjustments
- One start tractor away

This is a fictional map. There are medium-large fields. A large forest area for forestry work.



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Commented on 2022-01-14 23:38:46

Beste Map -respekt für die Arbeit Danke

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Commented on 2022-01-15 00:47:04

Too many trees for me. Pass

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Commented on 2022-01-15 10:49:29

Hey Karen, the trees are taxing the piss out of the frame rate. and you knew this before you ever uploaded it. around or about 250MB map file or edit..IS ENOUGH of a file size. leave room for others. that doesnt just mean placible means Karens, is to leave room for others PCs to play your shit. i dont care how many downloads this map has..188 people are realizing it was a mistake. Ok i saw way too many trees bunched together for miles and frame rate loss by the foot. to be frank here and honest Karen, there are better maps and edits currently.

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