FS22 GR Mokrzyn Ursus v1.0.0.0


Unfortunately the day has come where I am forced to release a modpack of these tractors, I'm not convinced to do it because I noticed my mistake with the previous modpack that this should not be done, but unfortunately the modpack sells for real money, so I'd better spend it and let's close this period .

The modpack includes:

Ursus 1614 – Heavy

Ursus 1614 – Tur

Ursus 1224 – Whistle

ZTS 16245

Ursus 914 – Baska

Ursus 1014

Zetor 10045 - French

If any of the authors do not want to be on the list, I sincerely apologize.


Karaś, Kasztan 18, KamilR1, PapayaCZ, Inch20, ZiomsoN

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