Old Land v1.1.0.0


Welcome to the Old Land!
A fantasy map set somewhere in the north of Germany.

A new savegame is unfortunately required.
-Fixed problems when placing through the water tarp.
-Chicken coop replaced by cow coop

This is what awaits you:
- A small and a large farm
- shop
- Cattle dealer
- 100 collectibles
- 4 sales stations
- 7 productions
- 45 Purchasable areas
- 24 square and angular fields
- 5 meadows
- Field grass as new crop
- Soy drink and heat as new products
- Precision Farming DLC support
- Many new paintable decorations

Bugs and errors please here:

To start:
You can choose between a large and a small yard in the map selection.

Now have fun with it!


The Lort, Paddy

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