Battle Assistant v2.2.3


Battle Assistant: the fashion / modification slightly changes the game World Of Tanks, slightly changes the gameplay, especially if you are playing on ACS. Better modification of Battle Assistant according to WDC (Wargaming Developers Contest).

The change changes the UX games of the game process, making it more convenient and convenient for some players, but does not offer a competitive advantage. View of universal artillery!

This mode changes the appearance of the view of ACS, Battle Assistant makes aiming easier and more understandable. Your view will be very similar to the sniper mode on other types of tanks. To easily switch to the new regime, aim and turn back must press the «J» key or the middle mouse button.

To switch to a new aiming mode and return to artillery mode, press the «J» key or the middle mouse button.

The benefits of this view change:

The path of the projectile can be understood by a player.
Good review sweeping areas on city maps.
Aiming for any part of the tank.
In case of sudden disappearance of the glare from the tank, the aiming point is not moved.


Unzip the archive in the game folder. In the res_mods folder scripts client mods the file is battle_assistant.txt, where you can selectively disable the modules and change their settings. Maud does not conflict with the known assembly mods (except ENT - they are not displayed correctly in the new ACS mode), set the mode you need after installing the mod pack.

How to enable the master's room?

Open WOT file res_mods 0.9.20 scripts client ui mods mod_battle_assistant.txt using NotePad ++ and change the line activCommandersCamera: false, replace false in true. Save changes and restart the game.

IMPORTANT! Now the mod must be activated every 7 days on this page,  "   "                         otherwise it will not work. After activation, restart the game.



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