Cave Garage US Army v5 8.11


This is the WG IGR Garage (found in res/packages directory and not yet released on NA server) modified for the US Army. Contains forllowing modifications

Custom skins for IS
Various Entity Flag
Various Entity Logo or Emblem

Install using Curse client or manually, place all directories in the archive (except cursemod) into the res_mods/x.x.x directory. Where x.x.x is current version of the game.
Changing Service Branch

Default is for a US Army garage, to change service branches follow these directions. After installation:
    Look in the res_mods/x.x.x/content/Environment/Hangar_IGR folder/model folder
    Delete the file
    Select the service branch of your choice for USMC for USAF for USN for UK flag and logo for Canadian flag and logo for ISAF flag and logo for NATO flag and logo
    Rename the selected file to
    Reload the game

    Version 1 for Curse client
    Version contains the ability to change service branch to USMC, USAF, or USN
    Version 3 for 0.8.11
    Version 4 added UK and CA flags
    Version 5 added NATO and ISAF flags



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