FDMOD v1.6.1.3


I successfully updated this package from wot 7.2, the goal was to create a simple, simplified and above all functional mod package.

list of mods:
Jimbo cross sight
Frost v1 icons
frost consumables / ammunition
Hangar manager
Chat design / minimap commands
Yasen_krasen Daily statistics
Viewfinder corners
UT sounds
Extended Crew Statistics
Reload command "C key" List
extended black
Custom sounds (6sense, you can set the game in the MOD configuration window)
Battles Hits viewer in the garage
Modpack notifer in the garage
XVM mod (with fdmod configuration :)
* change to win, safeshot, team hp bar, + small subsequent changes

Go to your WOT folder. (standart is: C: / Games / World_of_Tanks /
Delete "mod" + "res_mods" folders
Unzip FDMOD files and "mod" + "res_mods" folders copy to: ... World_of_Tanks /
Now installation font from: ... FDMOD EN x.xx / _support_fdmod_ / fonts (only 1 times)
Activation of xvm statistics on the website: www.modxvm.com
DONE !! ... the game begins!



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