Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod


Make a backup the audio folder in your res folder.
Extract the res and res_mods folder to your main World of Tanks directory.
For all future sound mods you have to install the .fev and .fsb files to the audio folder in res, or else, the gun sounds will NOT work.
ALSO, if you have installed previous versions of this mod, remove EVERY single file with "weapons" in its name in the audio folder before installing.
This may NOT remove all of the lag you are experiencing, but atleast it should work better!
Enjoy! :D

If you want to change a sound to something else in this mod, then do the following:
1. Go to res_mods/0.x.x/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/[nation of the gun that got the desired sound]/components/guns.xml
2. Search for the gun that got the sound that you want. If you can't find it, go to res/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/[nation of the gun that got the desired sound]/ and open the [tank of the gun].xml with WoT-tools, and search for the line where it specifies the guns and see what it's called, so you can find its string name in the guns.xml. You can get WoT-tools from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?a0s5np8s5yfalk5
3. Find <effects>shot_*x*</effects> and copy shot_*x*
4. Do exactly as step 1. and 2., except that this time you may want to find the gun that you want to change.
5. Find <effects>shot_*y*</effects> and replace shot_*y* with shot_*x*
6. Then you are done!

NOTE: There are some exeptions, where the gun's <effects>shot_*x*</effects> is in the tank's .xml file. The exeptions are the following tanks:
- T-34-2's 122mm 37-122JT
- 105mm leFH18 B2's 105mm leFH18 L28
- S-35ca's 17. pdr Gan Mk.II and 90mm DCA 30 CA
- E-25's 75mm L70
- E-50's 88mm L71
- E-75's 105mm KwK45 L52 and 105mm KwK46 L68
- GW Panther's 150mm sFH36 L43
- GW Tiger's 170mm K72 Sf
- GW Tiger P's 170mm K72 Sf
- JP E-100's 170mm PaK K72
- JagdPanzer IV's 75mm L70
- Nashorn's 75mm StuK42 L70 and 88mm PaK 36 L56
- Panther II's 88mm L71
- Panther M10's 75mm L70
- Pz Sfl. IVb's 105mm guns
- Pz Sfl. IVc's 75mm Flak L60 and 88mm Flak 41 L74
- PzKpfw IV Schmalturm's 75mm L70
- PzKpfw V Panther's 75mm L70 and 75mm L100
- PzKpfw Vi Tiger(H)'s 88mm L71
- PzKpfw VI Tiger(P)'s 88mm L71
- StuG III's 75mm L70
- VK. 2001(D)'s 50mm KwK 38 L42 and 50mm KwK 39 L60
- Chi-Nu's  75mm Gun Type3
- Chi-To's 75mm Gun Type5 M1
- Valentine AT's QF 6 pounder Mk.IV AT
- M36 Jackson's 90mm M3
- M48A1 Patton III's 105mm M68
- M103's 120mm T122
- T1 Heavy's 75mm M7 L50 AKA the 3 Inch Gun
- T29's 105mm T5E1
- T34's 120mm T53A1
- T57 Heavy's 120mm T179
- Objekt 140's 100mm D54TS
- SU-76's 76mm ZiS-3 mod. 42
- SU-100Y's 130mm B-13-S2
- SU-122A's 122mm M-30 and 152mm howitzer D-1

To change the sound of these guns you have to find the <effects>shot_*y*</effects> of them by simply ALT+F and search effects, and keep clicking "find" untill you will find something like <effects>shot_*y*</effects>. Also, note that there could sometimes(atleast on the Panther II's L71) be that the <effects>shot_*y*</effects> has to be changed on both the stock and the top turret, or else you will just get the changed sound on one turret.
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Be sure to use the engine sounds too!
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