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If you where to have a crew in world of tanks what would they be? Fearless, strong, brave, powerful? Strong yet silent? that stuff? Hmmm... almost invinsable... fighting sence childhood and fighting a greater enemy! Spartans! That's what you need. crew including - Spartan756, of course ;)
- Ace of spades, (a spartan with a CQB helmet) double of course
- a Spartan with a scout helmet "Hazie"
- a spartan-194 with the katana sword
-and a red spartan?know as "Switchy"
to download a WOT mod, first unzip it and put "gui" into your > World_Of_Tanks_NA folder | and then put it into > res_mods folder |then put it into your latest update of wot> or whatever it says (something like that) and you'll be done. (I've only did this once so for better explaining just watch somone do it on YT lol)
Okay this is my first WOT mod so it will be a little beta, they dont do much there just a copy of what Bergi2001 made (girl crew) but spartans in stead of woman. Oh the spartans only work for USA and USSR sadly, I was to frustrated to do more countrys (it took an 2 hr's to figure it all out without watching someone do it on YT) so i hope it works awesome for you!

That mostly all. Have fun :D
-Spartan756 or AceOfSpades


Bergi2001/ Spartan756 / Wargaming/

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