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Ball semi-trailer v1.0
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Ball semi-trailer v1.0

I have reworked the Lizzard trailer from alfalfa6945 here
He is now properly attached to the kingpin and not too far behind
furthermore, I have behind a trailer hitch installed which can be equipped in the shop
The Autoload script is also from alfalfa6945 and loads all bales, round bales, palettes as well as mission palettes
the mod is not from me but from
I just fixed it and installed the trailer hitch


  • Me
    2019-07-14 09:03
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    needs more...... like mud flaps...... spare tire rack or side tool boxes
  • You


    2019-07-14 16:50
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    so, if you want more... go ahead and add more. Do it yourself.
  • Shadowr434
    2019-07-14 19:06 Send message
    1 0
    Mud flaps, yes, Spare tire rack? Those haven't been put on trailer for the better part of a decade or more.
  • Shadow uh no.
    2019-07-15 04:39
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    I don't know where you live, but in the US that's against the federal law. lol
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