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Ford LTL 9000 v1.1
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Ford LTL 9000 v1.1

Official release from the author. Its avaliable with a flatbed, dumpbed, hooklift or as a semi.
changelog v. 1.1:
- Added: more wheel options, crawlers and chains, avaliable under the Mitas brand and under Lizard.
- Fixed: windows being foggy.
- Added: trailer attacher (optionable)
- Added: ability to autoload round bales vertically
- Fixed: Adjusted Autoload positions
Caution! Due to the many details of a chains 3d model it may cause lag on lower end PC's.
Config options:
- Flatbed: with or without ramp. With Easy Autoload
- dumpbed: with or without salt spreader
- hooklift
- semi: short, long or longer
- wheels: 3 different rims, 4 brands (Including care wheels)
- tag axle: none, single or dual, liftable with right mouse button.
- Fifth wheel adjustable with right mouse button.
- 7 different fenders
- 4 exhausts
- 4 racks
- 7 bumpers, including plow mount
- 6 different colorpickers for different parts
- optionable 'side parts', fuel tanks, toolboxes etc.
- The autoload function is configurable as 'light' and 'full'. With the 'light' option you need to lift the objects close to the flatbed for it to autoload.
- Warning: The latest version of the Easy Autoload script has a bug that when you save (manual or auto) it unloads the loaded objects onto the flatbed, I will update as soon as I find a fix.
- the plowmount currently connects to Expandables Heavy Duty Plow found here:
- Some of the mentioned options above will not function depending on which other options you choose.
hosted on sharemods.com, use adblock! Please respect my choice of hosting site, it helps to keep me motivated.
You may repost this on other modsites but please use the original link only!
To see my other mods, go visit www.modsby5nine.tk
if you wanna support my work, feel free to donate on PayPal.Me/modsby5nine

5nine, www.modsby5nine.tk
NastyModz (sounds)
alfalfa6945 (Easy Autoload script)
Ifko[nator] (addConfig script)
Realismus Modding (plow and salt script)

  • Gosha
    2019-09-14 16:40
    3 3
    Thanks for the great truck.Will he ever have his own interior?
  • Knottypine
    2019-09-14 17:30 Send message
    2 4
    Nice update! I had temporarily adjusted the foggy window look on the previous version. Also a couple other things I tweaked in the previous version, the center of balances seemed off. No scare of tipping the truck, tends to lean into sharp turns so I moved the height up. And I switched the headlights so the outer lights appear to illuminate before the inner lights. Seemed more appropriate for low/high beams. Just minor tweaks. Great mod!
  • Pepiniere88
    2019-09-14 17:30
    2 2
    ton mod est très bien mais !!!tes roues sont raid comme un bout de bois, pas de physique regarde le FS19_KRAZ_New_Life. les roue sont juste génialpourrais tu faire pareil ?
  • Nhlfan90
    2019-09-14 18:55 Send message
    5 6
    provide a direct download link then I'll download your version until then I'll use the one Thomas put up
  • Bullfroggy267
    2019-09-14 20:01
    0 3
    Excellent work and thank you so much 5NINE.
  • Knottypine
    2019-09-14 20:08 Send message
    2 2
    Been testing out the different vehicle options. Maybe it's just me, but I've tried picking up a couple of hooklift trailers, and the hooklift doesn't actually pull the trailers on to the bed. It attaches, and you can still pull it along. One of the ones I tested was your hooklift liquid tanker. Again, could be me. I have a tendency to mess with and tweak mods.
  • Mvenden
    2019-09-14 20:42 Send message
    0 2
    because you commented on the pirated one i found yours and downloaded it.
  • Wrangler
    2019-09-14 21:27 Send message
    1 1
    I did notice that the wheels slip going up even a slight incline, such as an unloading ramp.
    • 5nine
      2019-09-14 22:52 Send message
      0 1
      you might have to raise the tag axle (if you have it enabled). let me know if that helps, otherwise i'll have to dive deeper for a fix
  • Knottypine
    2019-09-14 22:32 Send message
    3 2
    Just an update with the Hooklift, I must have made a wrong tweak somewhere. Hooklift works.
  • Aleksu
    2019-09-15 01:06 Send message
    2 1
    Do something with the suspension wheels, and then he jumps on bumps and curbs like a tractor without springs...
  • Wrangler
    2019-09-15 03:52 Send message
    1 1
    Slips with tag axle up or down. Also, after jumping into the game and tabbing to the truck, somehow the cruise control gets set to 9 mph. Great job on this mod and keep up the good work. I'd like to see more with this quality.
  • N00bs
    2019-09-15 04:36
    3 5
    so many n00bs
  • Lwanca
    2019-09-15 04:45 Send message
    1 2
    It wld be nice to have the real interior in it or else great truck if your intrested i can always get pictures of the interior for one of theese trucks
  • Butch
    2019-09-15 05:04
    1 2
    I would like to see some sort of Beacon/Emergency light or light's added.
  • Butch
    2019-09-15 05:05
    2 2
    I would like to see some sort of Beacon/Emergency light or light's added.For the Dump version that is..
  • Roman
    2019-09-15 05:37
    1 4
    awesome mod....only suggestion would be maybe add a higher capacity on the dumptruck...even 80k would be good....with all these 4x maps it would take me forever to move materials....
  • @butch
    2019-09-15 07:11
    2 3
    lol butch is noob
  • @roman
    2019-09-15 14:51
    0 1
    yes it is an awesome mod, but 80k is way to unrealistic, why?? dont ruin the truck with stupid capacity, its awesome truck mod
  • Thomas
    2019-09-16 02:44
    2 1
    I am the master you guys are noobs
  • Eagle355th
    2019-09-16 22:03 Send message
    0 1
    Awesome Mod! Thanks!
  • Wrangler
    2019-09-17 00:36 Send message
    0 2
    @5nine I determined when the cruise control gets set to 9. It happens when you click Drive Course. None of my other vehicles have this problem.
    • 5nine
      2019-09-17 04:41 Send message
      2 1
      I have that issue with courseplay as well on some modded tractors. I'll check which ones and try to figure something out
  • @wranglar
    2019-09-17 02:16
    1 2
    lol wrangler is big noob
  • @5nine
    2019-09-18 04:03
    1 3
    5nine you are noob, mod sucks
  • Nick
    2019-09-20 02:26
    0 1
    MODHUB link please
  • Nick
    2019-09-21 02:48
    1 2
    @5NINE I would like a modhub link please
  • @nick
    2019-09-21 04:46
    2 1
    no, noob, you suck a$$
  • Guest
    2019-09-23 05:49
    0 1
    nice truck but collides with other autoloaders
  • Jonah988
    2019-09-25 20:42
    0 1
    I have unloading problems with the dumpbed
  • Bellends
    2019-09-26 04:44
    1 0
    YOUR ALL BELLEND I TELL YOU!!! BELLEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wranglur
    2019-10-20 00:54
    0 1
    great mod! looked for a semi that can do fifthwheel and hkl, nice!one critisism, i think i agree with alexsu, the suspension seems too stiff or bugged, warrior ++ seems to have stolen lots from you, but the suspension seems better on warrior++, so perhaps you can borrow that code back
    • 5nine
      2019-10-23 22:15 Send message
      0 0
  • Name
    2020-02-03 05:44
    0 0
    nice mod can you make some cabover trucks
  • Robbie2019
    2020-03-14 20:59 Send message
    0 0
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