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Hmmm. Turns out this causes another issue making the mirrors transparent while on external view. :/

Ugh... can't write code here.... replace brackets with the less than greater than... lol (mirrors) (mirror node="down_L_Mirror" prio="1" /) (mirror node="down_R_Mirror" prio="1" /) ...

FYI, this generates a warning: Character '9' not found in texture font ( in Bright White ). Very odd one, I believe redoing the colors will fix it as I got rid of this warning after my edit. Als...

The flickering trees has nothing to do with mods, it's the shader cache. It will happen in vanilla. If you use nvidia, easy fix is to disable the shader cache.

2 years ago

Brand images are for the store only, which are displayed in a 2D environment. So just wondering: Why would you use mipmaps?

Here's the author info for this mod: FogZero Gaming-Convertor, HAJ Rebellion Modding-Original Modder, Elk Mountain Modding-Interior Items, Matt from Okay Wave-Seasons. And the interior assets stil...