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FORD LTL 9000 v1.0.1.0
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FORD LTL 9000 v1.0.1.0

Configurations: - Platform: with or without a ramp. With automatic download. - Tipper: with or without salt spreader - Multi-lift. - Tractor unit: the chassis is short, long or longer. - Wheels: 3 different wheels, 4 brands. - Axis: no, single or double, right-click up. - The tractor saddle is adjusted using the right mouse button. - 7 different wings. - 4 exhaust pipes. - 4 racks per cab. - 7 bumpers, including blade mount. - 6 different colors for different details. - Additional “side parts”, fuel tanks, tool boxes, etc.


  • Wildwing
    2019-09-13 00:37
    2 1
    thank u love the mod
  • @modder
    2019-09-13 00:42
    2 1
    thanks so much, have been waiting for a Ford LTL9000 for long time, thanks again
  • Nick
    2019-09-13 02:27
    2 1
    Nice truck!!
  • Allen55
    2019-09-13 03:31 Send message
    1 1
    very nice tri axle ford thank you.
  • Pitbull
    2019-09-13 10:55
    0 1
    loving the mod, i only miss the autoload for mission pallets, they are not working (pallets do not accepts mission pallets)
  • Breezy
    2019-09-13 15:15
    0 1
    I cannot seem to attach a plow to the Plow capable bumper. What gives?
  • Wildwing
    2019-09-13 17:28
    0 1
    BREEZY I don't have an issue
  • 5nine
    2019-09-13 19:35 Send message
    6 3
    I wont say im suprised this ended up here without my permission. If ppl could have waited just an hour or so I would have uploaded it, with a proper description and with proper credits. ffs...
  • Bullfroggy267
    2019-09-14 02:41
    0 2
    Very Nice Mods 5NINE. Btw is there anyway or would it be too much trouble if you could add a Pintle hitch or "attachers" I believe they're called in game to the back of the LTL-9000? I noticed it doesn't have one on the back and was actually planning to pull a tagalong trailer behind my dump and haul my skid steer or other small tractors to and from my farm yards. If its too much trouble, or if you don't want to, I completely understand. Thanks for the Awesome mods. I even bookmarked your websit
  • 5nine
    2019-09-14 03:50 Send message
    1 2
    bullfrog, there is an update coming tonight hopefully with a trailer attacher. its not a pintle though
  • @5nine
    2019-09-14 05:04
    0 1
    Is there a link to your mod page? i used to have but cant remember it, awesome work
  • Wildwing
    2019-09-14 18:51
    1 1
    Thomas keep up the good work at least you provided a direct link easy to use and not have to piss around with ad blockers and what not that one 5Nine put up today
  • Nickthehic
    2019-09-14 20:29 Send message
    1 1
    Sorry about that 5NiNE I had no idea. If you'd like for me to change the link in my video description just let me know. Awesome job by the way.
  • 5nine
    2019-09-14 22:58 Send message
    3 3
    wildwing, I like how I did the entire truck and spent countless hours on it, but thomas is the one who did a good job? Also the one I released is an updated version
  • Ats


    2019-09-15 08:48
    0 0
    Make it for ATS :}
  • Modhog
    2019-09-17 00:50
    0 1
    @5nine hope no one steals your mods anymore you have great mods hope to see some more
  • Wildwing
    2019-09-18 03:23
    2 1
    5NINE reason Thomas did that version as a direct download not through sharemods.com which requires ad blockers etc when I just download his version and I can be playing in seconds not minutes while I waste time with share mods
  • 5nine sux
    2019-09-20 21:24
    1 1
    i agree with @wildwing, modhub download = best. sharemods.com = sh*t. which in turn means 5nine is sh*t BAHAHAHAHA
  • Mason
    2019-10-12 02:17
    0 0
    love the mod
  • Narutofarm
    2020-05-15 20:10 Send message
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    Thanks THOMAS for all the great mods!!
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