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Tribine T1000 v2.0
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Tribine T1000 v2.0

Tribine T1000 and headers.

What has been done ?
Pipe length configurations (short or long)
Wheel configurations (with or without rear wheel weight)
Auger capacity configurations (realistic or not)
Engine configurations (realistic or not)
New sound
New decal on the pipe

UNZIP the file before you put it in your mod folder. There are also two headers included.
I do not take any credit. Orignal author in the moddesc.

Original model : Sigma. Modifications to a Tribine model : Ricobab

  • Falk018
    2020-01-06 16:31 Send message
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    Hi, very nice mod. But the engine Sound is a bit strange. At start it's like an old dieseltracktor from the SovietsIt's and not like an brand new combine. Furthermore quit nice nice when the Tourbo will comme but on working the engine sound is too silence .........Thats only my opinion and I like your work !!!
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-06 18:03 Send message
    5 0
    Thanks for your comment. We wanted a different sound than the other standard combines. We will take into consideration your feedbacks and see what can be improved or changed :)
  • Falk018
    2020-01-06 18:39 Send message
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    I understand and will like a new sound, maybe a little bit more modern style? Like a 12 cylinder engine with the tourbo sound ?Thanks for your attention ................................. see you ..................
  • Uator
    2020-01-06 21:46
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    Nice to see it being updated! The real tribine has 2 engines. One for the drivetrane the other for hydros. Your team has did a good job.
  • Name
    2020-01-08 03:17
    2 2
    this is a real life combine and it was showed a few years back in burdett ks about 10 miles where i live i dindt get to so see it because i was in school
  • Dctoe
    2020-01-13 14:39 Send message
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    Nice and very different from what I am used to seeing. Thanks for your work and sharing!
  • Bob


    2020-01-15 01:25
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    works great...but have to agree,not sure what that noise is it makes while running,hope you change that,otherwise..pretty cool..nice work
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-16 23:05 Send message
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    @BOB : Thanks for your comment. We will try to improve the sound on the next update :)
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