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ZIL-130 D-245 v1.0.0.0
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ZIL-130 D-245 v1.0.0.0

Based on the ZIL-130 from IGORyaN. Sounds changed. Engine parameters changed. Added sounds of the pneumatic brake system. The mod has been redone for those who are dearer to diesel ZIL, and not carburetor!

IGORyaN, Changes: JIyKa

  • Mike
    2019-09-18 20:43
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    Мод полная шляпа! Вместо того чтобы исправлять звуки, лучше бы почистили лог. Куча ошибок и предупреждений!
  • Knottypine
    2019-09-19 00:26 Send message
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    @Mike, as far as the errors and warning goes, here's why: They changed the sounds, and by doing so, with some incompatible code they introduced several 'errors' with the air compressor. This is an easy fix. The 'warnings' you now see are due to the collisions of a converted mod, which this originally was. They are harder to fix, and easily show up when someone starts messing with the i3d file. Keep in mind that the previous FS19 Zil mod this is based on doesn't have any of these errors/warn
  • Guest
    2019-09-20 10:26
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    Hello cwattyeso what you doing on here
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