ATS Expansion v4.0 1.48


Changes v4

misc terrain bugs fixed map wide

add water loading point(Ice Mountain Water) at East Glacier logging road

add pasture pens at Poncha Springs

add city of Poncha Springs

add ranch outside Roswell

some bug fixes(remove invisible wall at Lamar, fix chute height at Woodward sale barn ect..)

new pasture pens north of Rock Springs

updated Troy logging road

part 1 of the new logging road at East Glacier has seen some work and is now activated

add city of Shoshoni

add pasture pens outside Shoshoni

add city of Texhoma

switch Global Mills Guymon now Texhoma

add Texoma sale barn rebuild

add city of La Junta Colorado

add Winter Livestock and La Junta Livestock Commision at La Junta


scs, xreconlobsterx

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