This version has all 3 required files combined into 1 file. There have been additions and fixes. This version is ONLY for 1.50, do not use in 1.49.

Roughly 60 loading/unloading locations updated for 1.50, still more than 100 to do. Nebraska is required as are all SCS state DLC's,

Changes v8.5

new prefab at Greybull 5/26

new prefab at DVKoch WCliffe 5/26

add new prefab at Cattlemans Dalhart 5/26

add new prefab at Darkness Farms 5/26

add Sidney sale barn 5/26

add Glasgow sale barn 5/26

add Missoula sale barn 5/26

add Lewistown sale barn 5/26

add McAelster sale barn 5/26

add new prefab at Lolo 5/26

add new prefabs at Polson 5/25

add new prefab at Fort Morgan 5/25

new prefab at Doed Construction 5/25

new prefab at Miles City sale barn 5/25

add new prefabs at Chinook 5/25

new prefab at Torgersons CaseIH baby! 5/25

add new prefabs at the 3 Volvo dealers (Missoula, Killeen and Victoria) 5/25

add Hell Creek Pasture pens prefab 5/25

add city of Volborg Montana 5/25

add new prefab at the Bazaar cattle pens (outbound only) 5/24

add new prefabs at Broadus 5/24

add support for Pizzsters 389 yard 5/24

Quality Beef Producers Amarillo prefab added 5/24

add Lamar feedlot prefab 5/24

La Junta and Winter Livestock sale barns new prefabs 5/24

Both East Glacier sites and Troy logging sites have new prefabs 5/24

Heart Butte quarry has new prefab 5/24

New Sineptorro Mountain Brew prefab

add support for 850 Modding trailers

Nebraska 1.50 update

Remove all old prefabs from map

Welker Farms, Hell Creek Ranch and new W Yellowstone locations have new prefabs



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