This version has all 3 required files combined into 1 file. There have been additions and fixes. This version is ONLY for 1.50, do not use in 1.49.

Roughly 60 loading/unloading locations updated for 1.50, still more than 100 to do. Nebraska is required as are all SCS state DLC's,

Changes v9.5

add prefab at Colby 6/8

add prefab at Salmon 6/8

add prefab at CDA ranch 6/8

add prefabs at Lufkin 6/8

add prefab at Grand Junction 6/8

add prefab at Riverton 6/8

add prefabs at Elko 6/8

add prefab at Tucumcari 6/8

add prefab at Jackson 6/8

add prefab for Lufkin log site 6/8

add prefabs to Waco ranch 6/8

add prefab at Sammons in Gillette 6/8

add prefab at Poncha Springs 6/8

add prefab at Bozeman farm 6/8

add prefab at Denver (US Foods) 6/7

add prefab at Lubbock (US Foods) 6/7

add prefab at Burns (US Foods) 6/7

add prefab at Schulenberg (furniture) 6/7

add prefabs at Casper, Albuquerque, Coeur d'alene, Garden City Utah, Steamboat Springs (furniture) 6/7

add prefabs at Ballinger 6/6

add prefab at Junction horse ranch 6/6

add prefabs at Shoshoni 6/6

add prefabs at Limon (Dynamic grain) 6/6

add prefabs at Sheridan 6/6

add prefabs at Twin Falls (Dynamic grain) 6/6

add prefabs at Grangeville (Dynamic grain) 6/6

add prefab to Woodward Stockyards 6/6

add prefab to RM Pipeline Woodward 6/6

add prefabs back at Powder River (dynamic grain) 6/6

add prefab at 2nd Odessa Mobil 6/5

add prefab at Lander Mobil 6/5

add prefabs at other 2 Mobil sites Enid 6/5

add prefab at Lander (K&D Cattle) 6/5

add prefab at Baggs Mobil site 6/5

add prefab at Odessa Mobil site 6/5

add prefab at Enid Mobil site 6/5

Compatibility: 1.50.x



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