ATS Mountain Reworks v2.0 1.50


Changelog v2 (1.50)

-Fixes the textures issues.

-Updated for 1.50


ATS Mountain Reworks (Includes reworks of Denver, Mt. Rainier, Shasta County, Mt. Hood, Salt Lake City)

This map mod aims to rework mountains around the SCS base map. Some players have noticed the poor representation of mountains that rather look like hills in ATS. I have reshaped the mountains, updated and reworked their textures sharpness and contrast and I also improved their far models. This means they are now visible from a much greater distance closer to how they appear IRL and are significantly taller than in the base game. 8K textures for all mountains were re-captured from Google Earth.

Note this is not a 100% accurate real life representation but I think it better does these mountains justice from a driving POV. Additionally, feel free to suggest any mountain around the whole ATS map you think is in need of work. For now this mod currently reworks:

• Mt Hood & The Dalles

• Mt Shasta, Black Butte and surrounding area

• Mt Rainier

• Rocky Mountains / Denver

• The Wasatch Range / Salt Lake City (merged with this mod, will receive update after SCS 1.49 rework)

Mod compatability: Tested with Reforma, Promods Canada, ATS Expansion, Grand Canyon Rebuild, Project Better Arizona, Reforma + Sierra Nevada, Minor Urban Overhaul, Route Alaska. Place ATS Mountain Reworks on top. Most of the sectors in this map mod is untouched by other map mods. Please report if you find a crash or an issue.



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