Colombian Death Road Map Mod (Mapa Mapkalo) 1.40


Colombia Map – is 1:1 scale map with real routes and including all big Colombian cities. This map replaces the original map from ATS game with the country of Colombia.

Changes in v2.0:
– New Death Road Added in Map
– fixed bugs from previous version

Colombia Map v2.0 for ATS game

Features Colombia Map:
– Dangerous Roads
– includes all big Colombian cities
– detailed roads
– standalone Map
– nice landscapes
– real scale map 1:1

Tested on game version 1.39,1.40.x


Kaloma Restrepo Yepes

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

HA HA HA! Nice bus to take stupid people on death road. Try a 60's model, rolling coal with chickens and luggage strapped to the roof.

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

This is simple Colombia Map, whole description and fake credits stolen from here

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21

Just to say but... When ever there's a mod for ATS or ETS2 or any other game that has the name "Guest" It's probably stolen from off someone else and their using that mod that is posted by a "Guest User" to make money, maybe? maybe not? idk... but anyways Mainly they steal this mods from other people from different sites such as, the steam workshop, or even this own site ...
I usually never trust Guest users because I already know its stolen... And for you other peopl

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