Discover North America v1.2.5


Compatible version: 1.50.x


- Sector Error fixes, made a lil oopsie

- Recomputed CORRECTLY lol

- Node linkage error fix

- Removed support for Project Michigan until bug fix is released.


- Nebraska Compatible

- Bug Fixes by Matt Burb

- South Dakota has been updated with new companies, new signage, new lighting

- Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been updated with new companies, new signage, new lighting

- Added Council Bluffs, Iowa (very WIP looking as it uses unfinished SCS roads)

- Louisville rework WIP by Matt Burb

- Philly rework WIP by Astranautica and Matt Burb

- Boston rework WIP by Astranautica and Matt Burb

- Added Davenport, Iowa

- Added Hazard, Kentucky

- New roads in multiple states

- Added companies in parts of Mass, New York, New Jersey and Iowa

- New tolls in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Maine

- Recomputed Map.

- Toronto Growth v1.2

- Boston v1.2

- Philadelphia v1.2

Welcome to Discover North America, the new and improved mod from our team combining Discover The North and American Expansion. Public release!

Please note, I will only address bug reports made on the Discord

Release features;

Boilerplate roads in most areas that SCS has not covered

New Chicago Skyline

New NYC Skyline

Maine road layouts and DTN connections

Kansas Compatible

Thousands of Miles of new roads

Realistic Tolls

Carefully drawn highways, county routes, and roads

Boilerplate towns in the Midwest

SteelandCities New England Mod merged into AE

Jacemeisters Midwest Expansion used as based, Updated for 1.50 by Matt Burb

New Boarder Checkpoints

Realistic Signage

So much more

Load order:

Project Michigan(newest)

Discover North America (newest)

Coast to Coast (newest)



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