Island Map 0.1.5 - The Big Island, Hawaii


Changelog v0.1.5

This just fixes the crashes in Oregon.

It also removes some unneeded files.


- Made Reforma Comptible w/ Island Map

- Fixed Crashes in The Dalles, OR

- Fixed Police Car Issues

- Fixed Speeding Fine for No Reason Bug


There are two ways to install the required dependency. Each way differs based on what you want.

Way 1: Using Island Map WITHOUT Reforma map mod. Download 'Mega Resources x.x.x'

Way 2: Using Island Map WITH Reforma map mod. Just use the Reforma Map mod and Island Map. DO NOT INSTALL MEGA RESOURCES. Mega Resources is already embedded in Reforma Mod. Downloading the Mega Resources, would likely cause issues as it would be redundant having identical files active

If you use other maps, it should work as normal. Just use Way 1 vs. Way 2 according to whether or not you're using the Reforma Package. I.e if you use Promods and Island Map, follow Way 1; if you use Promods, Island Map and Reforma, follow Way 2.



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