Minor Urban Overhaul v16.2 1.49


Small 16.2 update uploaded for the main mod, just Kansas DLC compatibility.

• Sectors in Tulsa refreshed

• Dense traffic areas added:

- Kansas City - Topeka

- Wichita

This mod greatly increases traffic density in major urban areas across the map; traffic elsewhere is kept to vanilla levels, which I think is realistic enough. It also widens freeways and urbanizes some areas that are particularly inaccurate in the original map. Use the available "Lite" version if you want only the scenery/signage changes in California and Phoenix Area.

(For compability with traffic spawn mods simply open the mod with a file archiver (7-Zip, WinRAR, ...), open the "def" folder and delete "traffic_data.sii" and "traffic_rules_spawn.sui" inside its "world" folder)

Lite version remains unchanged.

Lite Version v16 (Version of this mod that only includes the scenery changes in California and Phoenix)UPDATED 11/04/2023 (Compatible up to ATS 1.49)

Should be compatible with minor map mods if you put them in higher priority.

No known conflicts with ProMods Canada.



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