Reforma Map v2.7.4 1.50


Changelog v2.7.4.150

New cities added;

-Lagos de Moreno

-Encarnación de Diaz

-Compatibility update to ATS 1.50

-MAJOR FPS improvements for new mod packaging procedures (tool provided by SCS), you will notice a MAJOR improvement over FPS counts (60 FPS capped), and game loading in all Reforma areas, this is great news!

-New map background that matches SCS's new UI changes

-Included into Reforma main mod Lagos de Moreno and Encarnación de Díaz. (which will be free)                                                                                      

-Mega Resources updated and fixed assets and textures to match 1.50 changes, major internal changes of the assets, if you are a map modder using MR assets and have troubles please let me know for help.



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