SCS map improvements v1.1.260 1.40


Changelog v1.1.260

1.40 update (simple map rebuild in Map editor, nothing new added)

Changelog v1.1.259

- optimised vegetation near "Welcome", "Glacier", "Burlington, WA" for more FPS

- fixed error with houses in "Burlington, WA".

- (ProMods FIX) small fixes of the entance to CA-US border (yellow line correction)

The connector with Promods Canada released in 1.1.201. Download whole archive and you will find the connector there

Load order for merging with ProMods Canada:

- ProMods Canada Def

- SCS Map improvements - Bellingham heights FIX for ProMods Canada

- ProMods Canada Map

- ProMods Canada Models

- ProMods Canada Assets

- SCS map improvements - base

- SCS map improvements - bellingham heights

- SCS map improvements - untitled others (install this last one file by the wish, its just unhide couple hidden roads across other states)



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Commented on 2021-04-05 09:23:59

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Commented on 2021-04-08 14:54:47

your a lazy POS if I had not been banned from forums I would give you a piece of my mind you do nothing to this mod except change a very small amount of what SCS already did and you try and make money from it?? you are pathetic

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