Uncle D Logistics ATS VTC Garage Skin 1.33.x


Well drivers, Here we go, I would say we are pretty much all set up for SCS to get the lead out and get Colorado on the SCS ATS map. But we have our truck paints ready, we have our trailer paint ready and now have own ATS garage ready.  
Would like to thank Xample in Jamaica for all his help packaging our new garage. We have tested this mod in ATS version 1.33

Please enjoy and drive safe drivers cause your gonna pay for those repairs, the company is not! (hint-hint, don't be acting like Swift drivers)
Credits: Uncle D Skins, Xample

Xample courtesy of Artistic Media
You can follow him on Instagram @dj_xample or #artisticmediaproduction
or add him on Facebook: Odain Xample Prince
Discord: https://discord.gg/4v44Xh


Uncle D Skins, Xample

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