Ushington Map BETA v14.0


Changelog BETA.14

Supported Game Versions: 1.47


 - Removed game version restriction

 - Many areas of the map fully/partially deleted with some areas some areas rebuilt, including:

      - Road 6 (will eventually be included in Dolgate overhaul) and Zaffunk (with a future airport)

      - Highway 8 and interchange with Hw-9

      - Highway 9 (additional non-highway section continues to Mexico)

      - BUSH-9 (Mexican continuation of Hw-9, rebuilt as an outdated connection to a future tolled highway south of Tipito)

      - Road 2 (routing will become more clear as the southeast gets built)

      - Highway 10 (unsigned)

 - New town: Huberta, found at the interchange of Highway 9 and Road 2 on the border with Mexico, features raised pedestrian crossings

 - Signage updates: Old signage removed, now almost all signage you see is accurate and updated

 - Removed road and ferry connections. (Reforma map dependency also removed.) These will return after SCS California is finished.

 - Mod merged to one file (but FLD Prefabs must be downloaded separately).

Known Issues:

 - In many places AI traffic does not follow the road lines. This will be fixed eventually; I'm just lazy.

 - Tipito and the US border crossing have been moved west of Tipito to avoid sector conflicts. Tipito will eventually be moved back; the border crossing will remain for a while.

Load Order:

 - Ushington

 - prefabs_packed

 - Mega Resources



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