BMW M3 G80 Competition RWD | Pushin P Tuned v2.0


The BMW M3 G80 Competition RWD is a car mod for the driving simulation game, Assetto Corsa. The mod gives players access to the high-performance variant of the BMW M3 model, the G80 Competition. It's specially designed for the die-hard enthusiasts of racing. The car runs in the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) configuration and features more horsepower and dynamic engine sound than its base version. It might also have other luxury features such as unique aesthetic enhancements, under-the-hood tweaks, and premium interior styling. The mod ensures a highly immersive and realistic driving experience, aiming to accurately represent the real-life tactile and handling characteristics of this particular BMW model.

Pushin P Team Edited

- Redid ALL Physics Fully

- Star Lights

- Flood Light Diffuser

- Darker Front Tints

- Spoiler Removed

BMW M3 G80 Competition XDrive Street Build By Ceky Performance

Tuned to 730Hp & 970Nm

Drag Race 400m Time: 9.936 sec


- OLED Tailights

- Android Auto

- Upgraded exterior with M-Performance Parts & Other

- Full Carbon Trims

- Roll Cage

- Carbon Bucket Seats

- BMW M-Performance Track Wheels

- Upgraded ECU

- Upgraded Turbos

- Upgraded exhaust (Visual/Sound/Backfire)

- Upgraded Drivetrain (XDrive + Faster Shifts)

- Upgraded Aerodynamics

- Upgraded Breaks

- Trunk animation fix @ssofficially


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