The coolest update for an equally cool car is the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle for BeamNG!

This mod on this page is a large-scale update of the first version, here is a list of innovations:

1) Completely new interior;

2) The entire body and its elements have been redesigned/made from scratch;

3) Glasses, headlights, mirrors, sensors, many other elements are also made from scratch / the old ones are greatly improved;

4) Engine sounds have been corrected, 1 NEW ONE has been ADDED for block 307;

5) The engines received power like the real 1970 Chevelle in the trim levels;

6) Two skins have been added (an old rusty one and two branded stripes on the body) + UV for those who want to make their own;

7) Two types of American Racing 20-inch wheels have been added;

8) 28 configurations, real configurations + special/by discipline/restomod;

9) There are now 3 color options in the cabin: beige, black and burgundy-red;

10) Fixed errors with opening/closing elements;

11) Added missing body elements (side mirrors, for example);

12) Fixed some jbeam bugs.



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