- Realistic weight and engine values (at least up to a certain point);

- Multiple configurations based on real-world trim levels, as well as special configurations based on off-road and road performance, including V8, 007 Edition, as well as Off-Road and Drag configurations;

- The commercial version of the Hard Top is available with a non-standard body and interior. A right-hand drive version is available (one P400-based configuration is included, since all parts are ready to work with right-hand drive, you can create any custom right-hand drive configuration you want);

- The police version is available with police gear inside and outside;

- Standard air suspension at higher trim levels with controls for lifting or lowering the suspension;

- Individual choice of real color with three-zone coloring (main body, roof, plastic);

- Customized upholstery color schemes with multiple options;

- Additional middle seat (standard for Hard Top, replaces console);

- Four front bumper options (black grille, body-colored grille, black bottom protection, a combination of all off-road plastic without exception);

- Two rear bumper options (metal and black), as well as hook or lid mounting options;

- Various mufflers for I4, V8 and other engines;

- USDM configuration with reflectors and taillights is available (sensors are still metric);

- Precise rear badges for each engine/trim, as well as additional black Defender badges;

- Five wheel options (all black, all silver and two-tone for the main rim, V8 and Land Rover steel wheels);

- Regular, sport and off-road tires are available for standard 20 and 22 inch wheels.

- Expedition roof rack;

- Retractable ladder to the roof;

- External side mounting of the gear;

- Advanced expeditionary protection system;

- Protection of wheel arches;

- Matte hood sticker;

- Spare wheel cover (silver and black);

- Raised air intake (functional).

- Two roof options (with and without a panoramic roof, can be painted separately);

- Spare wheels for the rear trunk door, with a choice of an official stock cover or any of the stock wheels

- Two steering wheel options (silver and black);

- Two options for the external handle (body color and black);

- Three rear footrest options (Silver, V8 Satin Grey and Black);

- Two roof cladding options (Light Oyster Morzine and Ebony Morzine);

- Three grille options (Silver, V8 Satin Grey and Black);

- Two variants of roof elements (plastic and black for the interior mirror, sun visors and central dome);

- Two variants of Land Rover body badges (regular and grey);

- Three variants of the Defender hood (regular, grey and black);

- Additional tinted rear window.

- Additional colored parts (standard choice is black plastic, depending on the configuration): headlight rims, trim over taillights + taillights, bumpers and door trim, rack trim, exterior mirrors, hood trim;

- Custom brakes for V8 (with special appearance and color);

- Custom sounds for V8;

- Additional off-road tires for all standard rims;

- Engines: 2.0L D200 I4 Diesel, 2.0L D240 I4 Diesel, 2.0L P300 I4, 3.0L D200 I6 Diesel, 3.0L D250 I6 Diesel, 3.0L D300 I6 Diesel, 3.0L P400 I6, 5.0L P525 V8;

- Openable Mod;

- 40 configurations.



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