Bentley Flying Spur 2019-24 +( Mansory, Keyvany, Tuscon, Mulliner) 0.32.x


This is the Bentley Flying Spur 2019-24

The mod is of excellent quality and includes:

✅0. Baking headlights.

✅1. Own dashboard.

✅2. Full three body kits(Keyvany, Mansory, Mulliner).

✅3. Two-tone body painting.

✅4. Painting the interior in accordance with the 2nd and 3rd palette.

✅5. Left-hand drive and right-hand drive versions of the interior.

✅6. Opening doors, hood and trunk using the new technology of the game.

✅7. Custom brakes(Discs and calipers).

✅8. Its realistic 9 wheels.

✅9. Antichrome.

✅10. Six decorative interior linings.

✅11. The trunk opening button from the passenger compartment.

✅12. Projector on the windshield.

✅13. Tinting on each glass.

✅14. Includes 23 configurations.

✅15. All the characteristics of a real car are met(Weight, power, gear ratios, etc.)

✅16. Realistic engines and gearbox(have real characteristics)

✅17. Fully edited 100% Jbeam.

✅18. All PBR textures. High quality.

✅19. Excellent damage.

✅20. Excellent bodywork from all sides.

✅21. Dynamic rear-view mirrors.

✅22. The ability to add the country's flag to the wing.

✅23. Includes the Tuscan and Mulliner versions.

✅24. Includes options for different markets.(EU - US - UK.Europe, USA, UK)

What is this mod good for?

1. Daily driving around the city.

2. To arrange races, 6.0 engines are very powerful.

3. For great screenshots.


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