BMW M3 E30 Widebody Twin Turbo v1.0



- Hood Animation

- Interior Stars

- Wipers/RainFX

- Animated Turbines According To Engine RPM

- Animated Engine+Exhaust+Turbo

- Custom Animated Air Freshener ( Credit To ACMP For Base )

- RPM LED Steering Wheel

- Recarco Seats With Sparco Belts

- 4 Tire Sets For Different Feels

- CSP 1.78+ Required. 1.79 Recommended To See All My Amazing Lighting <3.

- Self Lighting

- Fake Refraction Looking Headlights

- LED Tails

Fictional Build Inspired By Some MUAD Man On iG.

4 Rotor Twin Turbo E30 M3 Widebody

Kit & Engine Isnt Perfect As Its From GTA So Dont Cry To Me About It Please And Thanks <3.


Assetto Corsa

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