BMW M3 F80-F81 [320i, 340i Facelift] Hotfix v0.1


finally releasing the M3 after workin on it for MONTHS

so lets start with sayin this big boy got so many this ima just say few of em cuz i want yall to explore it and have fun with it


2-DIfferent engines (with so many custom options)

3-accurate sounds

4-hight quality model

5-few skins

6-most of the irl specs

7-good handling (weirdly satisfying for drifts)

8-forged carbon and normal carbon option for almost everything

9-high quality textures

10-good for drifts , street , race , drag...

11-the part names are not confusing

12-fully worked openable

13-good jbeam (cant say its the best)

and WAY more stuff as straight pipe exhausts and more and more but theres sum bugs too

1-the 5 speed manual transmission is broken rn

2-wagon hood doesnt open completely

idk more tbh


Flanje (doing the most)

Fr3ddy (models)

NMG (for helps for many small stuff and more alfie specially)

Failed life (doing engine parts)

Phaien (jbeam stuff)

You guys (for ideas)

GTA (for models)

Faded Than a Hoe (I6 Sounds)

and thats really everything i remember now AND REMEMBER THERES SOO MANY STUFF U CAN HAVE IN THIS MOD JUST EXPLORE IT !!!

I hope yall enjoy the mod and pls join our discord for more news and progress

thanks for all the supports

Have fun!!



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