BMW M4 F82 V1.0 0.32


So, what do we have in this mod:

1-Lots of custom bumpers

2-many individual sets

3-Lots of spoilers (mostly lips)

4-Option of glasses for headlights and taillights (tinted, yellow...)

5-Lots of custom headlights and taillights.

6-Various carbon and forged carbon parts (99% of parts with a carbon option also have a forged option)

7-Default body and sunroof body (You need to select the sunroof body and then use the sunroof by changing the roof)

8-Internal RGB (more types of lighting will be added)

9-Various configurations

10-Tinted windows

11-2 new custom wheels

12-Customizable steering wheels

13-Several cool diffusers/splitters (I’ll add a muffler as well as a replacement item)

14-New engine sound

It is recommended to use the Flanje Wheel Pack.



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