A trailer for cars 35 and 50 feet long.

The trailer has an all-metal construction and is available in two lengths (35 feet and 50 feet), 2 platform widths (96 inches and 102 inches) and 4 axle configurations (tridem/tandem with one tire - tandem with two tires/single). The suspension consists of sliding leaf springs and has no shock absorbers, while the tandem and tridem axles have balancing beams connecting the leaf springs, which is very similar to a vanilla trailer with a folding platform. The trailer varieties have a permissible payload from slightly less than 2.5 tons to more than 6.6 tons, all of them are marked with a unique plate with the VIN number on the front panel of the trailer for each included configuration. It is also equipped with 16x6 modular steel discs made from scratch, available with zero overhang for single tires and 5.35 inches overhang for twin wheels, available in 4 trim options along with non-standard tires.

The trailer is equipped with two 9-foot aluminum ramps located at the rear of the platform and manually operated. Below is a step-by-step operation of the ramps (watch the video below under the spoiler!):

- The trailer is parked on a relatively flat surface and stopped.

- Ramps are unlocked by pressing the trigger on the locking pins.

- Ramps can be held by grabbing a node either in free cam mode or walking mode, and then pulled and leveled under each deck. The left hiking ramp works only with the left side of the deck and vice versa.

- A trigger is pressed on the deck and the ramps are attached to the deck. If they are not fixed, push them with the knot grip until you hear a click.

- Ramps can be shifted left or right depending on the vehicle being loaded, and the vehicle can be loaded.

- The ramps detach with the same trigger at the rear edge of the deck, then slide back to the center, rise and slide into the inner deck. The placement does not have to be accurate if it is inside the deck.

- The triggers of the stacking pins are pressed again, the ramps are shifted, fixed and securely removed.


CREDITS: RenAzuma66

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