Mercedes-Benz G-Class v1.0


High-quality mod.
Mod features :
✅89 different configurations.
✅Multiple generations(2006-2008/2008-2012/2012-2018/2018-2023).
✅Many parts to choose from (AMG-Line, AMG, Brabus, Lumma, Topcar).
✅Old generations have bridges, and the new one has an independent front suspension.
✅Real engines and gearboxes with real characteristics.
✅High-quality interiors.
✅Fully electronic dashboards to choose from (Stock, AMG, Brabus).
✅High-quality detail.
✅A lot of details for the implementation of real configurations (Spare wheel at the rear, various bumpers, LED roof sticks, various spoilers).
✅100% Jbeamed.
✅PBR paint/interior/headlight materials.
✅Lots of real discs.
Disadvantages :
There may be some suspension issues on 6x6 and 4x4² 
its free to fix some thing


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