Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2020 Cargo v0.32


✅1. Excellent bodywork all around.

✅2.Bad Damage

✅3. All PBR textures. High quality.

✅4. Fully edited 100% Jbeam (H-series Edit.)

✅5. Dashboard of the model.

✅6. Realistic engines and gearbox (have real features) (5 engines)

✅7. Its 3 realistic wheels.

✅8. Includes 40 configurations.

✅9. Skins: 6 pieces.

✅10. Rear view mirrors.

✅11. It is equipped in a passenger version (poor quality.)

✅12. It has a cargo version equipped.

✅13. It has a Maybach version equipped (poor quality.)

✅14. The interior is painted according to the second palette.

✅15. Possibility of installing a variety of living room equipment (sofas, tables, etc.)

✅16. PBR headlights.



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