Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2020 v1.0


Hello everyone, here are your friends from LourdFox Studio.

Here you have the first phase of my Mercedes Benz Sprinter, this mod took me a long time to make, it was very hard work but here is the first part.

In this first phase, 2 versions are included, some exclusive pieces, PBR textures, fully worked jbeam, and many more special functions.

Unlike other mods, this is a VIP quality Mod, made with all the love and dedication that a quality mod deserves,

Next, I am going to mention everything that this mod includes

1. It has two types of bodies, the cabin and the extended body.

2. The 3D model has been adjusted to the game, improving many errors and bugs.

3. All textures are high quality PBR or medium high quality.

4. Jbeam 100% Worked? You'll have to figure that out ;3.

5. It has 12 engines, including the new generation of engines for the 2024 sprinter.

6. It has a wide variety of wheels, from basic to heavy duty with variants.

7. Inclulle 240 completely different configurations.

8. Includes 64 Skins.

9. Includes 5 completely different window tints

10. Animations of the gearbox (automatic and manual), steering wheel, pedals and turn signal levers.

11. The doors can be opened (except the sliding door, we are still working on that).

12. 100% Original dashboard and gauges of the 2020 Sprinter.

13. Dynamic rearview mirrors.

14. Includes the e-Sprinter.

15. He has 3 UpFit specials and a Frame Special.

16. Includes all kinds of pieces to be able to customize the van to your total liking.

17. Includes Freightliner Version.

18. Includes fake, Benefactor, Fox and Stuttgart Badges.

19. Includes halogen and LED headlights, as well as custom headlights.

20. Includes several types of interiors, Cargo, Passengers, MicroBus and Ambulance.

21. Includes some special mermaids from, UK, Germany and Mexico.

22. Includes alternative versions of fictitious emergency vehicles.

23.The electrical version includes several types of batteries.

and that would be all, we are going to work to include many things in the next version of the mod, but this is still a long way off, since we already have other projects in queue.

If this mod receives a lot of support, I will be able to dedicate myself more actively to the creation of mods, and we will be able to improve their quality more and more. If the community supports us, we promise to bring high quality content, made with all the love and dedication in the world, to obtain the best results, and remember this


enjoy the mod


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