Nissan 180SX v1.0


PBR functionality has been added to almost all materials. At the moment, not all of them contain the correct textures. In the case of a paint material, its roughness and metallic strength cannot be changed. The material of the lights doesn't look right (a bit plastic). Liveries are not correctly adapted to the PBR function. They will be fixed in future updates. Added the “bloom/glow” effect from version 0.27 BeamNG for parts that emit light. The police skin has undergone an amendment to make it similar to the real painting of Japanese police cars.


The rear suspension has been fixed so that you can control its height without "super hard" shock absorbers.


The base model of the car and its body versions have undergone slight corrections to the edges. Position of the license plate and frame has been corrected


- D-MAX - Origin Lab - Street Drift - Stock SR20 with Japan speed limiter - Stock SR20DET with Japan speed limiter


The sound of the engine and exhaust has been replaced with more accurate sound to SR20 engines.



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Commented on 2024-04-23 13:43:14

Nice half Car!!

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