Volkswagen ID.4 0.32.x


✅22 configurations.
✅Versions: Pure Performance(City/Style/Family), Pro Performance(Family/Max/Tech/1st/1st Max), GTX.
✅Original Openable.
✅PBR materials + PBR light.
✅Several varieties of electric motors with real characteristics.
✅Batteries with real characteristics + range (52 kWh, 77 kWh).
✅Fully working, high-quality electronic dashboard (Speed/Gear/Temperature/Mileage/Battery charge).
✅Real high-quality sounds electric motors.
✅High-quality tinting.
✅Technology for reflecting a car in mirrors.
✅4 types of interior colors with different materials.
✅Several types of seats in the interior.
✅3 types of inserts in the interior (Black Plastic, White Plastic, Black Plastic & Red Dash Insert).
✅3 types of steering wheel in the interior.
✅GTX version with completely its own characteristics.
✅New navigation system with real time display.
✅Baked headlights.
✅Realistic car physics (Real weight + engine characteristics + tuned aerodynamics).
✅High-quality Force Feedback thanks to real travel and suspension stiffness.
✅Interior fully animated.
✅High-quality interior materials.
✅Correctly adjusted headlights, taking into account all the features of the car.
✅Real high-quality tire texture.
✅High-quality under the bumpers.
If you find any disadvantages, please contact us via private messages.


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