Volvo Polestar v1.0 0.32.x


1. The 3D model modified by us is high-quality.

2. Fully own 100% Jbeam.

3. Good damage physics.

4. PBR Textures.

5. PBR of the Body.

6. Animations in the cabin: Speedometer, steering wheel, navigator screen saver, turn signal levers.

7. Worked out its bottom.

8. Worked out its under-hood space.

9. Own wheels. (Color changes on 3 palettes)

10. Reflections in mirrors.

11. Fully customized lighting equipment.

12. 7 configurations.

13. Has a small tuning. (Bumper race, spoiler, headlights)

14. Tinting on each glass.

15. Additional race lights.

16. 4 skins.

17. Adaptive spoiler. (On the stock version)

18. Adapted to the OpenableMod.



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