Cluster with RPM, gear indicator and speed

Optimized stability at high speed and in the curves

Drag version with longer rear swing arm and wheelie bar

300CV injection part in Parts menu

Realistic gestures to riders, Stig and Dummy

Double side mufflers (Parts menu)

Detachable mirrors

Lights (normal, high beams and brake)

Rider view camera

Custom Wheeling app to measure your wheelies, with installation instructions

Custom squared license plate, you can put your name!

Two skins with different colors, you can choose the one you prefer!

- The steering algorithm is very sensible, you are strongly suggested to use a steering wheel + pedals to drive the bike smoothly like in the video below. You can choose keyboard/controller in Parts menu, it will ease a little, but you may still have difficulties to make the turns and wheelies, while on straight highways you'll be ok anyway



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