YAMAHA YZF-R6 V1.2 0.32


Keep in mind that this is not my mod im just making it easier to download! If the owner want to take down then DM please :)

Features of the bike:

TWO FRAMES (Sport and naked chassis)

25 currently existing configurations

Full rideability (Steering/leaning is extremely difficult)

Fully animated props (Clutch, brakes, gear shifters, shock. Unfortunately no animated chain)

Fully working lights

Working digital/analog gauge

Very flexible color palettes

Working Mirrors

Exhaust smoke and pops

Engine start up and running sounds

Supports the stig with 3 configurations

Police version

Wheelie function

Underglow package (To change the actual underglow color, go into the TUNING section)

Different engines (With multiple different attachments) {To use the EV version, you must have both the motor and 107 battery installed on the bike}


Different tailpipe/exhaust


2 different swingarms (Street, drag)

Multiple different wheels

Different types of steering (WIP)



3 Types of ABS

Over 32 different accessories

A lot of tuning features

BIKE STAND INCLUDED: To use the bike stand, simply spawn it up, move it closer to the rear of the bike, enter the bike, and press "L".



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