Fiat Ducato 2014 1.5.9 -


Fiat Ducato is a minibus / van produced by the Italian company Fiat

Technically identical to the Ducato are the Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer cars

All these models are produced at the same factories in Italy, France and Brazil

Since the start of production in 1981, more than two million minibuses have been produced

Since 2009, Fiat Ducato minibuses have also been delivered to MGT


- A fundamentally new car physics

- Rear view camera

— Raindrops with the appropriate weather selection

- Realistic appearance

- Gearbox indication

- Possibility of refueling

— Working chip "dust from under the wheels"

— Working chip "water from under the wheels"

— Working chip "trailer"

— Working chip "freight"

— Working chip "passenger transportation"

— Working chip "improved low"

— Fully working all arrows and indications

— Well-designed interior

- The textures of the car are made in high quality

List of extras:

- Tinting without a forehead

- Tinting in a circle

- Tinting of the headlight glass

- Without numbers

— Black Edition

- White leather in the salon

- Gray leather in the cabin

Fiat Ducato 2014:

— Drive type: Front

-Gearbox type: 6 manual transmission

- Maximum power: 130 hp

-Max. speed, km/h: 150


- Added a registration code (for those players whose game does not see the car without it)

- Updated physics

Author: Heisenberg

The author of the update: Statte



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