Gazel Next Cityline 1.5.9 -


Gazel Next Cityline for City Car Driving

External features:

- New headlight setting with a more correct glow. Again, not just a "setup", but an innovation — an internal and external glow cone;

- Rebuilt physics and brakes;

- The sound of the starter, both outside and inside the car (innovation)—

- The sound of the wipers (innovation);

- Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) of the car on asphalt;

— Engine sound from outside (new sound)—

- Engine sound from inside (new sound)—

- Turn signal sounds (new sound)—

- Turn signal sound on and off (new sound);

— Engine on/off sound from the passenger compartment (new sound)—

- Engine on/off sound from outside (new sound)—

- Seat belt fastening sound (new sound)—

- Beep sound from inside/outside (new sound)—

- Gear shift sound (new sound);

- Fundamentally new physics of the car.—

- raindrops with the appropriate choice of weather;

- Realistic appearance;

- Possibility of refueling;

- Working chip "dust from under the wheels";

- Working chip "water from under the wheels";

- Working feature "improved room illumination";

- All hands and indications are fully working;

- Well-designed interior;

- The textures of the car are made in high quality;

- Realistic interior lighting.

— And a lot of other features

Gazelle Next Cityline:

- Drive type: Rear

- Gearbox type: Manual transmission 5; Automatic transmission 5

- Maximum power: 107 hp

- Max. speed, km/h: 110

List of extras:

1. Fly Swatter

2. Central mirror

3. Curtain

4. The curtain is long

5. Passengers

6. Route 27

7. Route 13

Author: Heisenberg

The author of the screenshots: Alexey Yurchenko



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