Adaptation of the Great Steppe (Kazakhstan) map with a built-in Aral map 1.48


Unzip the scs map archive file, move the files with the scs extension to the mod folder and activate in the mod manager. Before starting the game, be sure to delete the CACHE folder in My Documents, in the ETC folder.

The map has a built-in Aral map, so there is no need to download and connect the mod for the Aral map in the mod manager!

Adaptation of the map with error corrections for the ETS 2 version of the game. 1.47.

The card now comes with 2 scs archive files, the order of connecting it remains the same in the mod manager, by priority. Above is the DefMap file, below is the Model. Delete files from the previous version of the map.


KZ 09.

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Commented on 2023-09-10 19:45:32

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