Map Harsh Russia Siberia R6 ETS2 1.47


This map is determined for a certain type of people who are not afraid of masochism, who have strong nerves, for those who love simulators, not arcades, if there is a suspicion, it is better to go to the side.

It is a pleasure to expect from the card - NO this will not happen, right after a long-haul flight you will not feel relaxed, rested, you may quarrel with your family because of your nerves... So decide right away, you need it!!! If in doubt, it's better to pass.

Installation order:

To start, create a new profile and select the srrus module


Download and unzip file Map of Severe Russia Siberia

The mod folder should contain the following files:

Harsh Russia1.47 TANDEM

Harsh Russia1.47 MAIL

Harsh Russia1.47 ORIGINAL

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP2

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP3

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP4

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP5

Harsh Russia1.47 r6 MAP6



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